Performance History


Performed at a benefit for the Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX)
April 6, 2001 at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY

I've long wanted to share this piece of my history - and these amazing artists - with a wider audience. My apologies: this is missing an entire section of the original performance. 


Dan Martin, conductor and co-arranger

Performers, from left to right:

Tom McCormack, piano 

Rob Meador, mandolin

Ted Stafford, bass 

David Brown, vocal

Laura Wetzler, vocal         

Elliot Pilshaw, vocal

Corinne Curcio, vocal

Jeanne Koren, vocal

Grant King, vocal and guitar

Zenobia, vocal

KJ Denhert, vocal 

Amy Fix, vocal 

Michael Biello, vocal  

Deian McBryde, vocal

Tania Bosak, percussion 

Rita Silver, percussion 

Robin Burdulis, percussion 

Tom McGrath, percussion  


BAX personnel:

Marya Warshaw, executive director

Amy Laura Cahn, tech director

Fernando Machado, videographer


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